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Giving Thanks - part deux

Those of you who were around this time last year may remember a bet that I had with my Cyclone-loving cousin on the Iowa - Iowa State game.  His penalty was to wear a t-shirt of my choosing to our family Thanksgiving get-together.  This year I was hoping to up the ante a bit and say the loser had to stand up and sing the opposing school's fight song.  He declined, citing too much Hawkeye support in our family (the majority of us are reasonable people.)  Since he wasn't interested in any of the other totally kickass embarrassment-based ideas that I had, we eventually just decided on beer. Now while I certainly enjoyed the 30-pack of Keystone Light and the 2 boxes of microbrews he had to pony up, I still felt like he was getting off too easy.  

Sometimes when you watch a game live, it's difficult to grasp the shitty ineptitude of your team, so I put together a video of the game in order to remind him exactly what happened.  I gathered the family around the TV and started what I'm hoping will become a tradition.  I'm thinking of calling it "The Annual Thanksmas Family Review of the Hawkeyes Kicking the Holy Tacoshit Out of Their Little Red-Headed Turd of a Step-Brother."

On a more serious note:  Cyclone addiction, like necrophilia and cranial-rectal inversion, is a disease.  As someone who cares about the well-being of a family member, I felt like I needed to help him see the error of his ways.  I'm sure I'm not the only one here who knows someone suffering from an Iowa State-related affliction.  If someone you know has this sickness, stop enabling their failure and share the follwing video with them.


Iowa versus ISU as interpreted by HFMR and the Pharcyde: