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Where Would Steve Stay?

<strong>Come on out to Steve's Inn!</strong>
Come on out to Steve's Inn!

Hello and welcome to the Steve Alford All-American Inn here in basketball superstar Steve Alford's hometown of New Castle, Indiana. If you're looking for a clean, slicked back kind of place to kick your feet up for the nite the next time you are in Henry County, Indiana, Steve Alford All-American Inn is for you.

We have all the amenities you have come to expect from an Inn named after one of the greatest Indiana basketball players who ever lived, who is now the head basketball coach at a Big Ten school other than Indiana. For example, we have high speed wireless internet! If you're on-the-go you need access to the World Wide Webs to stay current on things, like where Steve is and what he's doing, and things like that! Here at the Steve Alford All-American Inn you can do just that with the access we have for you through the use of high speed wireless internet.

If you are like most people, you are a Hoosier fan and love Hoosier memorabilia. Just a few miles away from the Steve Alford All-American Inn is the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, which has plenty of Indiana Hoosier memorabilia. If you're pressed for time...

...and cannot make it to the Indiana Hall of Fame, you're in luck! Here at Steve Alford All-American Inn we have tons of Steve Alford jerseys--like the replica Indiana jersey that Steve signed for us when we mailed it to him right before we opened! But wait, there's more! We have other New Castle basketball memorabilia too, like Kent Benson basketball socks signed by New Castle's other famous basketball player, Kent Benson. Unlike all of Steve's replica jerseys, these are Kent's actual socks that he wore in the shoot around in his next to last Indiana basketball home game! But what trip to New Castle, Indiana and the Steve Alford All-American Inn would be complete without a picture next to the Big Shoe a few feet from the main highway! Get a picture taken next to Steve Alford's Reebok basketball shoe! It is almost 14 feet tall and 8 feet wide and it's a replica! Wow!


Unfortunately we don't serve breakfast here at the Steve Alford All-American Inn, but we do have a soda machine out back and you can get a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Steak & Shake that's right next door! Afterwards you can workout in our Steve Alford-themed workout room. If you ever start to lose your focus, we've written some of Steve's most famous phrases on the wall to motivate you to get through the workout, phrases like: "Can somone set a pick for me!" and "Hey, I'm wide open here!" and of course his famous, "Okay, enough, it's my turn." After your workout you can go to our parking lot basketball court and shoot some "hoops" on our glass backboards with realistic breakaway rims! Keep in mind though, the Steve Alford All-American Inn does not provide basketballs or insurance. Play at your own risk.

We look forward to seeing you real soon!

For those who plan to stay in Indiana for a little bit, we recommend the following Indiana tourist attractions:

- The John Cougar Mellencamp Little Pink Houses in Seymour

- The Kinsey Institute for Sex Research in Bloomington

- The birthplace of AlkaSeltzer in Evansville

- The world's first pay toilets in Terre Haute

God Bless and enjoy!

April Barricks, Manager