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Marc Morehouse Was On A Roll Last Night

Which ER character are you most like? We think we're maybe Anthony Edwards-ish, but only because it's sorta egotistical to say Clooney.


Last night, even as Iowa was putting together their longest winning streak in over a year (seriously: their last, a 3-game "spree," was ended on 12/20/08, and yes that's awful), not everybody was in a very festive mood.

In particular, we're referring to friendo del blogo Marc Morehouse, who is only on the football beat for the Gazoo. Ergo, he has no professional reason to watch, just morbid personal curiosity. But since that's a hallmark of all decent writers, on went the TV. Bad move, and the following spree of Twitter tweet twats were twooted:

Iowa basketball coding. Applying defibrillator.

Don't go into the light, Iowa basketball!


Good old fashioned CPR.


I'm calling it.

Time of death, 8:21, Dec. 21, 2009.

Obit in a word: Whahappened!?!?!?!

Funeral poorly attended. Rowing doesn't even show. Gymnastics dancing on grave. Football sends an entourage.

Oh, gallows humor. You're always better with the actual gallows in view. Indeed, gallows humor and Twitter go together like a noose and a neck. It just... fits.

Again, this was during a win, albeit one witnessed by about 2000 fans at CHA and 200-300 more watching on television. But it raises the question: if that was Iowa basketball's demise, what does that mean Purdue's about to do to them? More importantly, is it even legal?