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Today, Eamonn Brennan (who we really like, by the way) opened his new ESPN college basketball blog by calling Iowa "one of the worst teams at any major conference school in maybe the past 10 years" (and that was before he discussed the loss of Anthony Tucker).  Up until 15 minutes ago, we didn't even know South Carolina State existed (they're apparently the Bulldogs, by the way, which makes this Iowa's second straight game against Bulldogs, and that has to be a record).  So this isn't exactly a big ticket.  There are approximately 6 people in the stands, though at least 5 of them are wearing Hawk's Nest shirts.

The good news?  Kenyon Murray is on color commentary on the Big Ten Network, and we hope he isn't terrible.  Join us as we find out.  After all, we know you aren't at the game...