Transfering to U of I

I had a previous fan post about applying to Iowa as a long shot.

I didn't get in.

But i still would love to attend the University of Iowa (thanks in no small part to this blog). I've been accepted to University of Houston, Texas Tech, And Kansas. I don't want to go to Kirkwood.

so the main reason for this fanpost is to ask if anybody transfered in? does anybody know the transfer requirements? Do Ya'll Think it'd be worth it.

I'll say this about sports. Does the Big Ten really need to expand. I mean the only school that would seem to be a worthwhile addition would be Notre Dame, and they are never ever,ever,ever,ever,ever gonna do that. And coming from the Big Twelve area in texas having a twelve team conference, and a conference championship game, isn't always a good thing. plus this is one of the things that makes the big ten unique. In my opinion.

But i'll admit. I know very little overall about the situation as i've only followed the big ten the past two years as my interest in Iowa as a university grew.

I understand this is a pointless post. so please don't be a troll

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