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WE'RE TALKIN' BASKETBALL: This One's For a Marble or Two! But Definitely Not All of Them!

In the Iowa-ISU rivalry in basketball, there have been some monumental contests between talented teams.

This would not be one of them.

Both teams have recently lost to UNI, meaning the state trophy's likely spending another miserable year in Cedar Falls. Iowa State is hardly a contender for the NCAA tourney this season, and Iowa... well, HS reappropriated "Suicide Is Painless" for the podcast theme and nobody called foul. So yeah.

The game is on the "Cyclone Television Network," which basically tells you nothing. More accurately, it's on some local stations around the state of Iowa--Channel 5 (ABC) in Des Moines, Channel 9 (ABC) in IC/CR, and Channel 4 (CBS) in the Quad Cities. As for Council Bluffs and Sioux City? Fuck Council Bluffs and Sioux City. You guys use your channel guide thing yourselves and figure it out.

Game thread's right here. Please don't let the Hawkeyes embarrass themselves.