Eric Idle, Iowa State, and 9-1.

Alright, so I'm sure the last thing you want is for some Cyclone alum to come on here and patronizingly tell you "Hey, it's not so bad, right?" Especially if you caught the first bit of the ISU-OSU game and heard the "Fuck (you, we're) Iowa" chant coming from the student section at Jack Trice after the final score was posted.

(For the record, I was somewhat embarassed by it and didn't join in, but clearly 35-3 isn't easily forgotten by some people.)

But before the despair and the shock take hold and deflate the season for good, take a step back from the ledge and listen to Eric Idle in "Life of Brian":


"You've come from nothing, gone back to nothing. What have you lost? Nothing!"

Truth is, 9 weeks ago there was no talk of the Hawks as a potential national title game crasher. There was panic because Iowa had needed a second straight blocked field goal to hang on to the state bragging rights. Don't get me wrong, it was an incredible road to 9-0, and I'm glad I somehow ended up back in Eastern Iowa to watch this amazing run.

But apart from a National Championship that Iowa was going to get dicked out of anyway thanks to SEC refs and pre-season polls, we haven't lost that much. Because you know what?

A 12-0 Hawkeye team was going to be relegated to the Rose Bowl.

Which is exactly where an 11-1 Hawkeye team would end up.

As a Cyclone fan, I've grown pretty accustomed to dissappointment over the years. I was there first-hand for the build-up and eventual epic fail of the 2002 season which went from being #9 in the country to getting destroyed on snowy blue turf on national television.

Look back to the beginning of the season. If your team has succeeded your expectations, then no matter what happens, this season was a success. Leave the world domination to the BCS pollsters and the Republicans. Hell, the 'Clones have a chance at being bowl eligible which would have been unheard of at the beginning of the season. I consider it a win, even if the Big 12 north is softer than Florida's non-conference strength of schedule.

9-1 and in BCS bowl contention with a shit-ton of freshmen at skill positions. Christ, we should be so lucky.

So if anyone decides to troll this board this week and let you know how this loss was inevitable, and how lucky you were to even get to 9-0, and how the midwest is inferior, you know what you tell 'em?

"Fuck you, we're still Iowa."

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