F*ck you, jNU

First off, I'll start by congratulating jNU for their win today. You did, in fact, win the game. Arguably, your defense earned this victory. But before you go all "We're smarter than you" on me, let's clear up this simple caveat: you held our offense, without its 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string running backs, to 10 points. You held the offense, who lost it's starting QB in the 2nd quarter, to 10 points. You held the offense, sure, but as far as offenses went, we were tied. Only a freak injury, and subsequent fumble, allowed you to walk out of Kinnick with a victory today.

So while you've earned this win, remember that you beat our backups for it. Nay, you beat our backup's backups. Fuck even that. You beat our backup's backup's backups for the victory, and while you earned that, I still say fuck you for only winning by a touchdown against our scrubs team and feeling good about it. Fuck you, jNU. FUCK. YOU.

Now, I'm dealing with my first Christmas without my Dad, and I'm going to bury myself in a bottle of whiskey.

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