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17-10: Northwestern Steals Another Upset at Kinnick

First of all, huge congratulations to Northwestern. We must admit that we didn't see their "injure Ricky Stanzi" gameplan coming, but they worked it to perfection.

Stanzi is likely out for the rest of the regular season with a high ankle sprain, so it's time for the James Vandenberg-John Wienke deathfight to begin.

Lastly, we must congratulate the Northwestern alumni, each and every one clad in Armani suits and driving Ferraris, for outpaying Iowa's previous efforts to bribe the referees. The SEC may be gagging people from criticizing referees, but since they refuse to admit BHGP as a 13th member, it's open season. The holding call on Eubanks on the touchdown was bullshit. The fumble call on Wegher was bullshit. The three consecutive defensive holding/pass interference calls on the last drive were supreme bullshit. We can't claim that the referees cost Iowa a win, but it's plain to see they cost Iowa their shot at the win.

Congratulations to the Iowa defense--particularly the defensive line, who worked their asses off today. Just a shame the other side of the ball was too damaged by injury and capricious officiating to follow suit.

Anyway, this'll be our open thread. Play nice. Now's not the time to make enemies. If you're pissed, that's fine, but commiserating may be a much less therapeutic option than, say, taking a walk. The perfect season's over and it may have fallen off a cliff. If you can't be civil in these circumstances, I strongly recommend you disengage. Otherwise, bar's open.