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The Hawkeye Diaries

For a closer look at what the life of a Hawkeye is like, below is a random sampling of various Hawkeye player diary entries during the season this far.


(Ricky Stanzi) Fri., Sept. 4 - 10:05pm

Dear Diary, We play Northern Iowa tomorrow. Sure, it's kind of a joke and no one outside of Iowa gives two craps about this game but the season is finally here! I really hope we don't hurt any of their guys.


GAME: Sept. 5 Northern Iowa


(Pat Angerer) Sat., Sept. 5 - 8:25pm

Dear Diary, Holy shit do we suck. This season is F-U-C-K-E-D. Okay, I gotta tap this keg.


(Ken O'Keefe) Mon., Sept. 7 - 1:45pm

Dear Diary, Just looked at UNI game film. God do I miss Jewel.


GAME: Sept. 12 at Iowa State


(Pat Angerer) Sun. Sept. 14 - 11:15am

Dear Diary, Holy shit does Iowa State suck. But we're still F-U-C-K-E-D. I mean, it's Iowa State.


(Ken O'Keefe) Mon. Sept. 15 - 1:50pm

Dear Diary, Regarding Jewel. Nevermind.


(Kirk Ferentz) Fri. Sept 18 - 9:33pm

Dear Diary, I'm not taking any more humiliation from those Stoops. Okay, I said it. Good night.


GAME: Sept. 19 Arizona

(Pat Angerer) Sun. Sept. 20 - 1:48am

Dear Diary, This kid Adrian scares me. So does Stanzi. 


GAME: Sept. 26 at Penn State


(Adrian Clayborn) Sun., Sept. 27 - 3:07pm

Dear Diary, Mom's was right about Uncle Shug not coming to the game last night. He definitely would have thought this was one of them Ozark Klan rallies or something.


(Kirk Ferentz) Fri., Oct. 2 - 8:53pm

Dear Diary, Can't wait to finally get a look-see at some back-ups tomorrow.


(Ricky Stanzi) Fri., Oct. 2 - 9:57pm

Dear Diary, Can't wait to pad the stats tomorrow baby.


GAME: Oct. 3 Arkansas State


(Ricky Stanzi) Sun., Oct. 4 - 5:36am

Dear Diary, What is wrong with me?


(Kirk Ferentz) Sun., Oct. 4 - 8:31am

Dear Diary, What's wrong with Stanzi?


(Pat Angerer) Fri., Oct. 9 -11:23pm

Dear Diary, I was thinking...I wonder if "forcier" is French for dry hump. By the way, the front seven have a pool to see you will knock the luol deng out that kid. I could sure use the money. 


GAME: Oct. 10 Michigan


(Pat Angerer) Sun., Oct. 11 - 11:41am

Dear Diary, I was close. It means manwhore.


(Derrell Johnson-Koulianos) Fri., Oct. 16 - 10:21pm

Dear Diary, Do I wear the Mandarin or Spread collar for interviews after the game tomorrow?


GAME: Oct. 17 at Wisconsin


(Adam Robinson) Sun., Oct. 18 - 10:22am

Dear Diary, First off, I have to give credit to the O-line. Those guys played awesome. Second, I'm betting Wegher's ass hurts.


(Kirk Ferentz) Sat., Oct. 24 - 2:43pm

Dear Diary, No more night games in East Lansing. This place is boooooring.


GAME: Oct. 24 at Michigan State


(Kirk Ferentz) Sun., Oct. 25 - 8:32am

Dear Diary, No more night games in East Lansing. That place is too intense.


(Derrell Johnson-Koulianos) Sun., Oct. 25 - 9:12am

Dear Diary, McNutt is starting to annoy me. On an unrelated note, got some new cufflinks in East Lansing. They're sweet.


GAME: Oct. 31 Indiana


(Ken O'Keefe) Sun., Nov. 1 - 3:43pm

Dear Diary, Kirk walked in my office today and gave me an anemometer. Then walked out. Not a word spoken. What should I think?   


(Derrell Johnson-Koulianos) Wed., Nov. 5 - 2:45pm

Dear Diary, Fucking finally. 



(Ricky Stanzi) Fri., Nov. 6 - 8:43pm

Dear Diary, The Twilight double disc set came in the mail this morning. About time! I’m totally jacked. God knows when the replica of the Sorcerer’s Stone is coming though…Hello!  


GAME: Nov. 7 Northwestern