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Pick 6 - Week 10: It sucks when you lose real-life money

Welcome to this week's Pick 6, where we analyze the lines for the weekend's Big Ten games and each pick 6 of our favorite bets. It's highly scientific. It's easy money. It's just for fun. So, clearly we are not responsible for you losing your ass off if you take our advice.

First let's take a look at last week's results:

The Week 9 Awesome-Fish Chart of Wins:


First things first, please excuse the ultra-shitty Pick 6 fanshot from last week. My mom was in town and she believes that the internet is the work of satan, so I was forbidden to use it for most of the week. I had said that the first person to leave their 6 picks in the comments would be the guest picker for that week and it seemed that BHGP newbie Tmo87 had beaten everyone to the punch. Unfortunately he chose 7 picks and being the stickler for the rules that I am, I had to award the coveted guest picker of the week award to twsmith23. The only consolation to Tmo87 is that now I won't be ridiculing his 1 correct congrats on that.

Unfortunately allowing twsmith23 into the ring turned out to be a mistake because he managed to pull 3 correct picks out of his ass to beat the BHGP experts (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Needless to say, this was a tough week of betting. A co-worker of mine was in Vegas last weekend, so I asked him to drop money for me on the 3 bets that I thought were un-fucking-losable: the Iowa under, MSU to cover vs Decker-less Minnesota, and Michigan to cover against the shitholiest team in the Big Ten. Ugh. Fuck my face.

On a more positive note, the guest pickers have pushed their "locks" to 7-0. I know nobody wants to be the one to fuck that record up. So with that.....this week's guest picker is FossilHawk, who in case you haven't noticed is the one who has been putting together the brilliant game in pictures post each week and also coined the phrase, "Fuck you, we're Iowa." Thanks for being here, FossilHawk, and I wish you the same amount of luck as I wish upon Mike Kafka. So without further nothingness, the grid:


Look at those big, beautiful, bold locks flapping in the wind, holy geez I wanna lick 'em.

As always, feel free to tell us why our picks are destined to fail and post your own below.

Overall Standings