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The Manzi collects WHAT?

A year after we discovered that Rob Bruggeman, the nastiest, meanest guy to play offensive line at Iowa since Robert Gallery was pancaking opposing defenders, had a closet Beanie Baby collection, now comes word from Marc Morehouse that the Manzi himself is a Twi-Hard (and I wish I was making that term up).

"My room is decorated with all sorts of stuff you would not expect to see in a college football player’s room," Stanzi said.

Comic books, Harry Potter and Twlight stuff.


"You see?" he laughed. "I’m surprised I’m even telling you guys this. I’ve got all these microphones in front of me and I’m telling you what’s in my room. I guess that’s my personality, like a big kid, I guess."

Not sci-fi, but superheroes and comic books, Harry Potter (since grade school) and he started reading the "Twilight" series this summer.

Cooler to be a werewolf or a vampire?

Naturally, this demands a poll.

(Thanks to commenter Third Generation Hawk for the heads up)