Fiesta Bowl Prez John Junker talks Iowa

Junker was on Xtra 910 radio down here in AZ yesterday and was talking Fiesta bowl with the hosts. The hosts asked him about the Fiesta, and he talked a little bit about how they were losing their conference tie-in championship to the BCS championship game (Texas), and as a result would be getting an at-large selection (blah blah blah, we already know that).

The hosts then said, 'Come on John, who is the Fiesta Bowl taking?'. Junker took a minute to talk about OK St., and how they would look good at 10-2 if they beat OU. And then he said the following:

'I've been on the Fiesta Bowl committee since 1981, and we've wanted Iowa to come down here for as long as I've been here'.

He also didn't even mention PSU except in passing.

It's OK St. vs. Iowa in the Fiesta to determine the bowls, and that makes me feel a little better about Iowa's chances. As stated earlier - If Iowa goes to Fiesta, look me up for a drink when yo're down here!

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