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When Our Families Are In Danger, There's No Time To Blog

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This will be our last post before the holiday weekend, on account of traveling far and wide around the midwest, protecting our family and friends from the dreaded turkey menace. Observe.

No laughing matter, that. Makes it all the better when they're dead and we partake of their innards. By that, of course, we mean a bottle of Wild Turkey. That's turkey blood, right?

If giving thanks is your thing, feel free to do so below. We thank you readers, of course--even the ones who need help using their brainthing--and we thank SBNation for putting this framework in place for us to screw around and make our jokes. Also, we're thankful for Ken O'Keefe. There, we said it.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, everyone. We'll be back sometime Sunday, right after we eat ourselves blind.