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Okay, so yesterday didn't work out so great. That whole "tied at the halftime" thing? We think it only made Texas mad.

Wichita State, fortunately, is no Texas, and they got spanked by Pittsburgh. We mean literally spanked, with a cat-o'-nine-tails and everything. It was upsetting, especially for the kids. How that didn't draw a T, we'll never know. Eh, it's still early in the year. Once conference play starts, that's definitely a foul.


Your consolation thread is rightchere. Game's on ESPNU, which is so misleading because you can't even get a B.A. from there. Oh well, we'll still keep putting it on our resumes. It's how we roll.

Let's get the bronze medal here at the Kansas City Invitational Classic Deluxe Whatever. Comments go here, people. You all know the rules by now. Let's do this.