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Oh, like you were going to do anything else on a Monday at 9:00. Why not watch Iowa upset Texas? Why, Cully Payne's going to run wild on--okay, we can't even continue with that sentence with a straight face.

The line is roughly 2 TDs and a field goal, and we're worried that Iowa wouldn't cover if it were twice that. Of course, usually when we worry about things like that, Iowa ends up making fools of us all. So are we trying to reverse juju the Hawkeyes into a stunning upset? No no; we're legitimately worried this'll be over by the second TV timeout. All depends on if the shots fall, and for how long.

You know someone on Texas wants to dunk on Brennan Cougill and Andrew Brommer, though. Totally.

Thread is rightchere, I'll be your host, and feel free to join in. Let's do this.