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Iowa Bounces Back, Throttles Bowling Green, 68-46

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Big win for the Iowa Hawkeyes tonight, as they shook off a sluggish start and dominated Bowling Green for Iowa's first win of the year.

Now, some people will probably point to the fact that Bowling Green was awful tonight, but no no. We think we know what's behind Iowa's sudden resurgence. It was Todd Lickliter ditching the Butlerball system and moving the offense about 30 years ahead. Watch and learn.

LOOK AT THOSE MOVES! And that thug life smack talk! "Watch it, Kareem!" I know we don't want our boys to be too "street," but if that's what it takes to win, that's what it takes. OH SNAP THEY'RE SWITCHING SIDES.

The men of the match are Eric May with 16 points (4-4 from downtown) and Anthony Tucker, who had 13 points and was one assist, five rebounds, six turnovers, and 10 blocks away from the rare quintuple-double. Also, Brennan Cougill is clearly John Daly with a DeLorean. Can't believe the PGA isn't all over this.

Anyhoo, winning is a lot more fun than losing, so hooray hooray. Next up is... Texas. Texas? Never heard of 'em. Look for Iowa to cruise.