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Great Moments in Gopher Football: Jordan Bernstine Is Unorthodox But Effective

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The Gophers are reeling, down 27-0 early in the third quarter against the Iowa Hawkeyes. They need a stop, and they get one, forcing a punt against the Hawkeye offense. Everything is about to get turned around.

Or so Minnesota would believe. For rather than being a successful stop by the Gopher defense, the Iowa series was merely the first multiple-down trick play in college football history. The ruse would culminate in a punt attempt, but that was just Iowa's way of letting the ball fly down the field unimpeded. Say, you know who else would like to fly down the field unimpeded? Jordan Bernstine, and he would like to introduce these two Gophers to each other.

Iowa ball, bitches, and the easiest, most hilarious 30 yards of field position they've ever gained. Why don't they try the "punt on purpose so we can throw a blocker at his own returner" trick more often?

(Terrorist fist jab: recoveringfratguy)