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Emergency meeting of Parliament!

Parliament, I know this is fucked up, but Oops Pow Surprise can't be king anymore.  Dudes!  HE'S ENCROACHING ON MY DECREES!  Seriously, let's make him Duquesne.  He can be a kick-ass Duquesne...

I clearly don't know how to pronounce Duquesne.

Tonight, Iowa - Duquesne, 8:00 tip at Carver-Hawkeye Arena ("Not Exactly a Formidable Environment" Since 2007!) and live on ESPNU (Like ESPN, only not in HD!)  Winner goes to the semifinals in Kansas City next week.  Well, that is, if the winner is Iowa.  If Duquesne wins, Iowa still goes to the semifinals.  This tournament makes less sense than the BCS.

Comments below, whether they're about this debacle or something else.