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Great Moments in Gopher Football: Northwestern Wins the Pick Six

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Throughout HATE WEEK, we'll be looking back at some of the memorable moments in Gopher football history.  Because all teams have moments of ineptitude, but few have so many widely available on Youtube.

November 1, 2008:

Gopher Nation enters November at 7-1 and ranked #17 in the country, hosting the Northwestern Wildcats at the Historic Metrodome and dreaming of Pasadena.  With 26 seconds to play in regulation, the Gophers and Wildcats were tied at 17.  Minnesota had the ball at their own 29.  Brewster did what every prudent coach with Adam Weber behind center would do: He put it in the air.  What happened next was quintessential Minnesota football.

The rest, as they say, is history: Minnesota lost the game, and the four after it, to finish at their customary 7-6.