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Iowa to Drop from #4 in BCS All the Way to #4

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From El Hlog (it's German):

Our friend, the BCS Guru, says Iowa will remain fourth in Sunday’s BCS rankings despite a less-than-awesome 42-24 win over Indiana Saturday.

The Guru, who has nailed it the first two weeks of this year’s BCS standings, sees it like this:

1. Florida, 2. Alabama, 3. Texas, 4. Iowa, 5. TCU, 6. Boise State, 7. Cincinnati, 8. Oregon, 9. LSU, 10. Penn State, 11. Georgia Tech, 12. USC, 13. Ohio State, 14. Pittsburgh, 15. Utah.

Well, you don't say. Iowa's overall resume isn't significantly hampered by yesterday? But but but... yeah, that all seems right.

With USC out of the way, it looks as if there's no serious usurper for Iowa's BCS ranking if they beat Ohio State two weeks from now. As good as TCU and Boise have played this season, Iowa's road record is just brutal, and if any of the mid-majors want to compare resumes with Iowa, the Hawkeyes should be comfortable.

Of course, there are two things that must be acknowledged.

1) If Texas and the SEC champion go undefeated, it really does not matter what Iowa does. Such is the nature of the BCS, and the undefeated champion of the sixth-toughest conference cannot really complain about that.

2) Every bit of this BCS talk is irrelevant without an Iowa win in Columbus. That doesn't seem to be a likely development in this story, but anything is possible as long as Iowa's undefeated. Further, at the very least, Penn State may make it moot in the Big Ten title picture.

So yeah, all terribly unlikely. And Northwestern can render it all moot no matter what PSU and OSU do in Happy Valley next weekend. But it's pretty awesome to be part of the discussion, isn't it?