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Pick 6: Week 6 - The Horror

Welcome to this week's Pick 6, where we analyze the lines for the weekend's Big Ten games and each pick 6 of our favorite bets. It's highly scientific. It's easy money. It's just for fun. So, clearly we are not responsible for you losing your ass off if you take our advice.

First let's take a look at last week's reults:

The week 5 chart of evolution


I don't even know what to say at this point. I guess I'll blame Michigan just because fuck them. On a positive note, we hit 5/6 of our locks. That's like 99%. Like I said, easy money.

I'd like to thank HoyaGoon and YouCanPutYourEddsInIt for putting up subpar numbers, but it would have been nice for one of them to have gone 0-6. No worries, I'm thinking we have a shot at it this week. Three and out the kok story brings his wealth of knowledge and assholish screen name to the table. Let's get it on. THE GRID:


Quite a few very popular picks this week. That can't be good. You may have also noticed that I picked Michigan, but before you kill me with your keyboard let me be clear that I think Iowa will win by 4-7 points. Just not 8. Once again: Iowa to win, Michigan to cover.

In fact, here is exactly what I think will happen:


It just doesn't seem fair...


So much for foot speed, dickbag.