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From the Vault: Michigan, Where Amazing Happens

In the two years that we've been writing BHGP, we've had some fun with Michigan.  There was Ayatollah-gate, posted at the height of post-Carr, Rodriguez-as-redneck paranoia.  That was fun, but led to two days of explanations, and we didn't start a blog to explain ourselves.

No, we started a blog to BEEF.  And, in the summer of 2008, when those goatfuckers at State of Game (now writing at Maize n' Brewwent after OPS, BEEF was for dinner.  Throw in a blatant case of plagiarism by "Max" and it was on like Dickie Thon.  We had no choice but to retire to the BHGP Film Studio and concoct this instant classic, as true today as it was in the halcyon days of yesteryear:

(NOTE: It took us about four hours to make that video.  If we were playing for Michigan, it would take us ten hours of prodding by Mike Barwis with a Kendo stick and his rabid pet badger, but eight of those ten hours would be "voluntary," and not count toward our weekly blog hour limit.)