Justice to be served in A-P.

It's not the greatest story in the world to share, but I figured it was worth noting. Mark Becker has been ruled "competent" and will stand trial for the murder of A-P head football coach Ed Thomas. Block quote courtesy of the Associated Press via ESPN.

[Butler County District Judge Stephen Carrol] said Becker's paranoid schizophrenia is "undisputed" but that an increased dosage of an anti-psychotic medication, along with findings of the prosecution's psychiatrist, lead him to believe Becker can understand the trial proceedings.

"The evidence indicates that Mr. Becker has sufficient ability to recall events which will be pertinent to his defense," Carroll wrote in the order. That includes Becker's ability to recall June 24, when Thomas was shot to death in the high school weight room in front of more than 20 students.

"Becker was able to recall and relate those events in a 'precise, chronologic, detailed, coherent manner,'" the judge wrote.

Carroll also agreed with the prosecution psychiatrist's finding that Becker suffers from auditory hallucinations. The judge said that because the hallucinations do not involve the legal system, and because Becker didn't experience hallucinations during the psychiatrist's interview, they likely won't interfere with his ability to assist with his own defense.

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