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There's A Game On Saturday? Arkansas State Ladies In Red

Chris De Burgh- Lady in Red (via stonerperv)

The ladies in reeeeeed.... are dancing with Iowa's liinemen who are made of razor blades, lava, and hostility. I guess that didn't rhyme.

With Iowa on defense

ASU is led by their quarterback on offense. About 75% of the teams in D-I can safely make that statement, so we'll just play the odds on this one. Plus you don't really care about the names of the Red Wolves' players, not when we haven't even acknowledged HOCKEYBEAR's presence yet tonight.

Needless Intermission

UAF Nanook Hockey Open 07-08 "Highway to the Danger Zone" (via aylmer666)

Never forget.

With Iowa on offense

Here, Arkansas State is once again led by quarterback Corey Leonard. Sure, you may think that's ridiculous, but you try figuring out just what the fuck the DI was talking about here:

While excelling defensively, Arkansas State quarterback Corey Leonard has brought a program formerly stalled in mediocrity to the Sun Belt’s short list.

See. So here comes the ASU QB, 'bout to wreck shit on both sides of the ball.

That aside, here we think Iowa's playcalling puts Iowa at an advantage. KOK loves the play-action rollout, and if the ASU linebackers are pinning their ears back on the first sign of a run play, Moeaki and Reisner are going to find themselves open with room to run.

This and other play-action calls are probably KOK's key to putting an aggressive defense on its heels. At that point, just about anything you call works. Iowa's probably got the line to run moderately well on ASU to begin with, but the Ladies in Red aren't pushovers.


The line on the game is three touchdowns, and most of us think Iowa could hit that by halftime. Real "success" in this game, then, is going to be less about getting the W (though God help us all if this thing's like 7-3 at the half) and more about re-establishing some better game habits. We need to see that Bulaga and the rest of the line are up to speed. We need to see that Stanzi can start putting a team away from the first snap. We need to see that the defense can bring its A game when it doesn't need to. We need to see that Tony Moeaki can play four quarters without injuring himself. Okay, just the first three would be fine.

So we're calling this 34-6, but really, we think it'll be 24-3 at the break and then shortly thereafter that Iowa stops attacking and plays down to ASU's level because they can afford to. Might even end up 24-10, 27-13, but the point is  that it's anybody's guess how far higher the lead goes when a team not normally known for offensive aggression is up big at the half against a clearly inferior opponent.

Now let Iowa win and let us never speak of the October Conference-Schedule-IntTomato Can ever again. May the practice burn in hell, and may our defensive line send it there.