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Bad News For Those of You With the "Stanzi Ninja Army Gun" Costumes and Season Tickets

In case you haven't noticed, our game this weekend against Indiana is on Halloween. Which means, of course, that those of you with season tickets can avoid the typical walk of shame and go straight to the game from your latest shameful hookup without anybody being the wiser. Hooray hooray for that, though you may want to check your face for flagrantly profane Sharpie graffiti first. Kind of hard to be a convincing zombie with "BALLS FART" written on your forehead.

But per the Press-Citizen, the security staff has a few requests about Halloween costumes for this Saturday morning, and they're about what you would expect:

The University of Iowa would like to remind fans of the following rules concerning costumes at Hawkeye games.

• No weapons, simulated weapons or other props.

• No authentic looking law enforcement uniforms.

• No player or game official uniforms that, in the sole discretion of authorized law enforcement personnel are so authentic in appearance that they might be mistaken for an actual player or game official.

• No item which, in the sole discretion of authorized law enforcement personnel, poses an apparent security threat to those attending the game.

Also, no Zombie Nile Kinnick costumes. It's at once three-decades-played-out and too soon.