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"It Was A Physical Game, There's a Lot of Guys Who'll Be Feeling It In The Morning, But That's Big Ten Football"

A.J. Edds, with one of the best interviews of the night. For more interviews, check out the sports blogs at Unsolicited endorsement, we assure you.

Brief aside--I'm stunned that more newspapers don't use YouTube for purposes exactly like these. Do the PC and DMR really want the Gazette to be the only paper that comes up as a result if you look on YouTube for a specific player? But I digress.

Edds brings up a point not to be ignored--that was a ferociously physical game. The weekly toll of injuries that Iowa usually inflicts on others happens to the Hawkeyes this week. Brett Greenwood, of course, was a horrific fluke and we hope that wasn't a brain injury, "only" the neck. But Colin Sandeman and Dace Richardson are both out for, you'd have to believe, the rest of the regular season. Jeremiha Hunter and Adam Robinson were also reportedly dinged up. That's tough for a team to deal with.

And yet, unlike Wisconsin last week, Iowa didn't turtle, and they brought it for all 60 minutes. Thank god for that, because they needed all 60 tonight. Kudos to both teams for bringing it.