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NEVER ANY DOUBT: 15-13, Iowa Beats Michigan State

In an instance where the score was TOTALLY closer than the game itself, MSU came up just short and ahahaha we're just kidding, the Spartans are probably going to have to punch themselves in the crotch for about five hours straight after that one.

Quick recap if you missed: MSU scored after two big pass plays late in the fourth quarter to take a 13-9 lead. Iowa marched down the field. Michigan State intercepted Stanzi near the goal line, but it only came after a patently obvious defensive hold, which was dutifully called and gave Iowa the ball at the 7 with 15 seconds to go. After three straight incomplete throws to the end zone, on fourth down and with two seconds on the clock, Ricky Stanzi threw a slant to Marvin McNutt, and the receiver held on as time expired. Game, blouses.

For as long as it'll stay up--probably not long--the final play, one more time:

Ricky Stanzi Last Second TD Pass To Marvin McNutt (via EAPlayMaker)

It's not as if Iowa didn't earn it, of course; though they clearly didn't make the most of their red zone opportunities YET AGAIN--15 points in four chances is scarcely admirable, especially with three of the drives taking snaps inside the 3--they still got it done when it counted. It just happened to be at the expense of our well-being and heart health, neither of which we will recover until some time in March 2010.

Also, as SBN helpfully points out:

Iowa became the second Big Ten team to win at Penn State, Wisconsin and Michigan State in the same season. The 1997 Michigan Wolverines also accomplished the feat and shared the national title that season after going 12-0.

Now, WE'RE NOT SAYIN', WE'RE JUST SAYIN'. Now, we dance.

Move Your Feet - Junior Senior (via sundaysworstenemy)