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Quiz Time, Kids!

Here at BHGP, we like two things: the Hawkeyes, and self-distraction*. For the former, we come here, and for the latter, we waste an unholy amount of time on Sporcle, taking quizzes on important things like the most highly-paid members of each NBA team.

So we figured, let's combine the two, and spread the fun on with you readers. So we made our first quiz over there, which is every modern-era Hawkeye consensus All-American from Nile Kinnick on. Freebie, yes, but we figured you'd get that one on your own anyway. If you're up on your Hawkeye history, you'll run the table on this one. Don't worry; we'll make them harder from here on out. Scooter Lampkin will be making an appearance soon; we promise you that.

Oh, if you're wanting to take the quiz later, be forewarned that there's going to be *SPOILERS* in the comments. We empathize, but... c'mon.

*and also clown/horse porn, but that's neither here nor there.