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Pick 6 - Week 5: Time to make it rain

Welcome to this week's Pick 6, where we analyze the lines for the weekend's Big Ten games and each pick 6 of our favorite bets. It's highly scientific. It's easy money. It's just for fun. So, clearly we are not responsible for you losing your ass off if you take our advice.

First, let's have a look at last week's results:

The Week 4 Waterfall of Wins:


I hope you all have been listening to Hawkeye State, because he has conscutive 5-win weeks and is currently sitting at 14 out of 18 correct picks, good for 78%. Normally you could assume that by stating this fact I am jinxing his picks for this week, but he appears to know what he is doing and is therefore immune to jinxes. RossWB has been the model of consistency, hitting 4 out of 6 every week so far. If you could just figure out which 4 he was going to get right every week you'd be killing it at the bookies right now. Shout out to CUNKNNK for hitting 4 out 6 last week, which means that once again the guest picker has made me look an ass. Maybe there is something to this Wond3RBoy nonsense. Finally, I'd like to give a special thanks to OPS. How's the view from sugar heaven, bitch?

Everyone hit on their locks last week except Ross, who took Notre Dame to cover. And once again jNWU proved that you can't spell NWU without the j.

A new week means a new guest picker. Actually, since we didn't have a guest the first week I have invited two this time. Trust me, this is going to be important when I start making graphs and shit. So on board this week we have HoyaGoon and YouCanPutYourEddsInIt. Each were chosen specifically because I need to beat the guests this week and they seemed like easy targets. And now........the GRID (locks in bold):


This is what free money looks like

Holy shit, we love Penn State giving 7 at Illinois. 5 of us took PSU and 4 of us put it on lockdown. Don't judge Penn State on what happened last week. Remember they were playing a team with a top notch defense and a legitimate offense, neither of which Illinois has. Michigan still hasn't impressed the oddsmakers as they are a two point dog on the road at MSU. The Wolverines are the general consensus here as well as Hawkeye State's favorite bet of the season: Michigan to go over. All 4 bets are represented on the Wisconsin-Minnesota and jNWU-Purdue games, so flip a coin on whose advice you want to follow there. Or you can make an informed decision using the overall season stats: