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Pick 6 - Week 7: Our darts are flying straight

Welcome to this week's Pick 6, where we analyze the lines for the weekend's Big Ten games and each pick 6 of our favorite bets. It's highly scientific. It's easy money. It's just for fun. So, clearly we are not responsible for you losing your ass off if you take our advice.

First let's take a look at last week's reults:

The Week 6 Cup Size Chart of Wins:


Actually, those look like Big Macs

A couple of our consensus picks lost badly - Wisconsin couldn't cover 16 and Indiana lost by the circumference of Pam Anderson's growler. However our lack of confidence in Purdue and jNWU paid off nicely. Thanks to three and out the kok story, who put a respectable coin-flipping effort at .500. He told me beforehand that he was hoping for 6-0 or 0-6 and none of this 3-3 bullshit...but no such luck.

This week I'm bringing someone to the table who taught me that when you go out driving with a case of beer, the passenger is responsible for out-drinking the driver to the tune of 13 to 11*. Thanks, Hawkaloogie, that's sage advice. And now.....the GRID:

(Click it for an enlargified view)


If it's in bold and all caps, that means we went to the future and saw it happen.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that all the picks for jNWU is moreso due to the lack of respect for Michigan State than anything else. Ohio State was a popular pick, which makes sense because they've been killing the spread all year. Everyone was split on Minnesota-Penn State because of the big spread and Indiana-Illinois because holy buttfuck who cares. Maybe you can help us out on those.



*Never drink and drive