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The Inaugural BHGP Bowl Game Pick 'Em Champion is Crowned

The BHGP Bowl Game Pick 'Em Championship has a winner.  Congrats to the "The Human Fund" for taking down first place, getting 23 out of 34 picks correct.  If you're feeling ballsy, post your address and I'll send you a prize.

2nd goes to "Three and Out" and 3rd place was "OverThePylon's Picks." 

Feel free to identify yourselves by your BHGP name so we can all bask in your glory.

Here's the rest of the top 10:

Pick Set
Correct Picks
1 The Human Fund 455 23 of 34
2 three and out 418 22 of 34
3 OverThePylon's Picks 398 21 of 34
4 RollStanziRightYouAss 388 18 of 34
5 robodroned 388 21 of 34
6 Rundeemc44 385 23 of 34
7 Charles Rogers - MSU Cum Laude 381 18 of 34
8 Fishy Red Southern Academy 379 19 of 34
9 DRAINAGE  378 20 of 34
10 Herky Beats Cocky 378 19 of 34


And here comes the hardware:

Last place by a fucking mile award:

Dude, the person ahead of you had 70 more points.


Least correct picks:
Hoeppner's Headache

10/34?  Jamie Pollard picked more right than that.


Worse use of Confidence:
Levi Mitchells
22 out of 34 was good for 3rd among correct picks, but only 19th place in points.  YOU BLEW IT!


The Eat Shit and Die Award:
Praireview Rapids
Alcohol-Fueled Bowl Picks
Fishy Red Southern Academy

These 3 shitbags were the only ones who didn't pick Iowa.  Enjoy herpes, fuckers.


On a personal note, I'm never using "Hayden Fry's Moustache Ride" as a name for my picks again.  I would prefer it if nobody realizes what a dumdick I am.  Er.....