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Welcome to the Offseason of Schadenfreude

If you thought there was plenty of opportunity to take pleasure in the sheer agony of others during this football season, well, there was.

For instance, this was fucking hilarious

But if you thought this heavy dose of schadenfreude ended with the season, think again. First there was Gene Chizik [Really? Saban LOL --ed.] taking his stellar 5-19 mark from Iowa State to Auburn, leaving his players scorned and Jamie Pollard inconsolable (and creating my favorite BHGP meme yet).

Chizik had done his part, pulling a J.R Ewing-worthy double cross and leaving Ames reeling. Surely he couldn't do any more to bring smug satisfaction to Iowa fans...

The University of Minnesota has just confirmed that Ted Roof will be Auburn's defensive coordinator. He had the same role with the Golden Gophers.

"Our defense improved a great deal under Coach Roof this past season," Minnesota coach Tim Brewster said in a PR release. "Good coaches are always going to be in demand and I wish Ted the best of luck in the future."

Best of all, it comes on the same day that Minnesota offensive coordinator and self-appointed spread guru Mike Dunbar resigned, just as recruiting season hits the stretch run (if The Daily Gopher's recent picture is to be believed, Dunbar is leaving to fight either a quickly-escalating weight problem or the bends). Minnesota is about to hire its fourth and fifth coordinators in just over two seasons under Tremendous Tim Brewster (who is surely inconsolable). Bravo, Gene Chizik. You are the patron saint of schadenfreude.

One earth-shattering instance of schadenfreude is luck. Two is coincidence. Three is a trend. What comes next in this great offseason of good fortune?