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A visual representation of Indiana's season-to-date

We might have had the great misfortune of not scheduling Michigan during its Season of Great Football Discontent. We might have missed our opportunity to exorcise the demons of years gone by, to revel in that rarest of circumstances. We might have kicked and screamed and cursed Jim Delaney for not giving us that catharsis.

Indiana basketball is not so lucky.

If you haven't been paying attention, the Hoosiers are a hot pile of fail. They come in at 5-7, losers of their last three (including home games against Just Northeastern and Lipscomb) and relying on a half-dozen newcomers for virtually all their offensive production. Much like Michigan, they will be back, and soon; Tom Crean (unquestionable star of the BTN basketball coaches' commercial) brought in a top-notch recruiting class, and he's sure to bring in more. It just hasn't helped considerably this season.

3:30 CST tipoff live from Carver-Hawkeye Arena on the Big Ten Network (announcers TBD). Let's kick them while they're down, eh?