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The Big Ten Network Sucks At Making Obamicons

By now, dear readers, you undoubtedly all know the ubiquitious Obama "HOPE" picture--it's getting people all hopey and shit. It's the most dominant internet meme today. And unsurprisingly, given its popularity, it's spawning all sorts of absolutely dreadful knockoffs. Unfortunately, not even the Big Ten Network is immune; they tried to make their own Obamicons for each of the 11 coaches, and the end result is a case study in suck. Observe:

Iconic                                                                   FAIL

God, it looks like Betsy Ross threw up.

Luckily, we know the BHGP readership can do better. Unlike the BTNtards, we know that the key to making a good one of these is to get a closeup of the face and make it recognizable enough that you can put a slogan on the bottom and not waste it on telling people who the hell it is in your picture. To that end, from the J Leman thread, this all-time classic from user The Mexican't (yes you can, hermano!):


That's what we're talking about. EPIC WIN, sir. So here's the deal. This will be the open thread for all your Obamicons. If they're new, post 'em. If you already used them in another thread, post 'em again. Best one gets... I dunno, an expired coupon for a taco or something. Or how about a free bump on your next FanPost, no questions asked. That's what we'll do. Just go here, make your icon, and show the mouth-breathers at the BTN how to do it right.