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Iowa Beats Wisconsin, 73-69

I believe HFMR expressed our feelings perfectly with one well-placed movie reference:

Yes. That feels good.

By the way, if you haven't been doing so already, do join us in the liveblogs during games. Without them, you'd never know that HFMR's beer habit single-handedly saved the night for Iowa. Confused? Not if you'd read the liveblog.

Anyhoo, Iowa won by putting 40 points on the board IN ONE HALF and balancing the offense between the perimeter and the inside. And by "the inside" I mean David Palmer, who just set a new career record for the second time in a row by notching 21 points, most of which came in clutch moments late.

For now, we will celebrate the win... and mourn Devan Bawinkel's manhood.

Little did Devan know he would never bear seed ever again.