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Anthony Tucker Out For Year With Diseased Report Card

Boy, it has sucked to be Anthony Tucker recently. After a decent start to the season, Tucker's life bottomed out starting in early December. First, a very ill-advised Unfrozen Caveman Off-Guard incident placed him squarely in the doghouse. While serving an indefinite suspension, Tucker came down with mononucleosis, robbing him of conditioning, strength, and endurance. You kind of need those to play basketball for more than 45 seconds at a time.

And so today, the cherry on top of the shit sundae dropped. The athletic department told the press today that Tucker has been named academically ineligible for the second semester after an unspecified appeal failed.

Tucker, obvoz, is gone for the season but hasn't announced any plans to transfer or go to a juco; there's a difference between academic ineligibility and flunking out, after all. But guys have left programs over far less, and it would be a terrible shame if Tucker did too (which he probably will).

It's worth noting, by the way, that this could be a blessing in disguise; taking court time completely off the table gives Tucker the opportunity to focus on what's far more important: getting his health, grades, and decision-making in order. Let's just say "we'll see you on the court in 9 months" to Tucker and hope he does what it takes to get there. It'll be hard, but it's far from impossible. Hint: don't do this anymore.