Sterzings Potato Chips

Pretty good, aren't they? I mean, let's not let the fact that I've started drinking heavily influence this FanPost (because, for one, I see the upcoming ISU/booze jokes coming and I don't really give a shit, and two, my spelling is pretty good right now in comparison to previous times when I drink and.....type shit up.)


But yeah, I'm drinking Coors Light. And I just cracked open a bag of Sterzings. HawkeyeState essentially told me I was a disgrace to the state for not enjoying them with the accompanying dip, but where I buy MY chips (at home in Eastern Iowa), they do not sell the dip. In Ames, I can't even find any of the Economy Paks. 


We also discussed the fact that I also do hate Iowa less than I used to. I enjoy your basketball coach, mainly due to the fact that I do not hate him. Don't diminish this. Not hating someone is a crucial step towards enjoying them. And, upon hearing this statement from me, Jamie Pollard was inconsolable.


A happy Martin Luther King Day to you all.

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