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BHGP Video Tribute: Ed Podolak

It hasn't been easy saying goodbye to the Galloping Polishman. We've ranted, raved, cried and cried. Sure, he's in his 60s and had to commute from California to Iowa games every week during the season, and sure he was bound to leave soon anyway. But this is like having the best damn candy bar ever, and you're getting down to your last couple bites, and you take a bite so there's one bite left, then some asshole (named, let's say, "The Wiz of Odds") bumps you in the shoulder (and doesn't fucking apologize) and you drop the last bite. It's far less fulfilling than if the candy bar had been smaller, because you feel cheated, like you've been robbed of the satisfaction of resolution. There's no closure. We just wanted closure.

I guess what I'm trying to say is fuck you for not giving a shit, Wiz.

Anyway, through our tears and 3rd grade level comprehension of the way the world works (you see, the Israel-Hamas situation is a lot like a candy bar), we put together a tribute video to the happier times, when Podolak could be Easy Eddie, and there was still joy in Mudville. Keep on ridin', Eddie.