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Dominique Douglas Visits GEICO

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At GEICO headquarters in Macon, Georgia, two advertising executives are meeting with top GEICO executives in a glass-walled conference room to discuss a new ad campaign.

Geckoicon_medium   Okay gentlemen, I think we're ready for your presentation.  We've really been looking forward to this.  That whole caveman campaign was a thing of beauty.
Dondrapericon_medium   Well, thank you for that, and thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today.  We think we've come up with a campaign that's just as
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium   Is that a fern in the corner?
Geckoicon_medium  I'm sorry?
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  I asked if that was a fern in the - YOW!  Yes, that is a fern in the corner.
Dondrapericon_medium  Forgive me, I forgot to introduce my associate, the Googly-Eyes Gardener.
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  Ferns are very untrustworthy plants.  They don't have pricklers like cactuses, but what if they all ganged up and tried to choke you in your sleep?
Geckoicon_medium  I'm sorry, but I don't follow...
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  It's probably not going to happen, but what if it did?  What do you think your last thought would be?  Mine would be, "I always knew."
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  Just a second.
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  [puts googly eyes on fern in corner of conference room]
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  There.  Now I can make eye contact with the fern.  Go ahead with the presentation, Don.
Dondrapericon_medium  Right.  As I was saying, we think we have come up with an ad campaign that is just as simple,  just as creative, and just as effective as the caveman spots.  You know how we have emphasized the savings many consumers can get with GEICO insurance?
Geckoicon_medium  Yes, we've always said you can save 15% or more.
Dondrapericon_medium  Right, and the 15% or more line is great.  But our research shows people need a visual representation of that.  Percentages are an abstraction.  Consumers need to see the money they could be saving.
Geckoicon_medium  I don't know where you're going with this.
Dondrapericon_medium  Well, what if we made the money the star of the commercial?
Dondrapericon_medium  [Throws a small stack of cash onto the table]
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  YOW!

Dondrapericon_medium  Not now, Googly Eyes Gardener
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  Well, it's just that you should never trust a stack of currency.  It's green, like a plant, and it can also gang up and choke you.  Here, if I may.

Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  [Puts googly eyes on stack of money]


Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  There, it's much better.

Geckoicon_medium  Yes it is!  It's brilliant!  Draper, you magnificent bastard, you've done it again!
Dondrapericon_medium  Um...yes, yes, that's exactly my point.  We'll call it "Kash," and it will show up in random places to remind people how much they can save with Geico.  Then we'll get a techno version of Rockwell's classic hit "Somebody's Watching Me" to play in the background, and you have an ad campaign.

Meanwhile, in the hallway outside the conference room

Secretary5icon_medium   On your right are the bathrooms
Secretary5icon_medium  I don't know why I'm giving you such a comprehensive tour, since you're only working in the call center, but I guess we've already come this far.  Just let me know if you have any questions, Mr. Douglas.
Douglasmugshoticon_medium   City Boyz 4 life
Secretary5icon_medium  OK...oh, on the left is one of our conference rooms.  The CEO is currently talking with some advertising executives about our newest ad campaign.
Douglasmugshoticon_medium  [Looks into conference room]
Douglasmugshoticon_medium  ...
Kashicon_medium   ...
Douglasmugshoticon_medium  [Barges into conference room]
Dondrapericon_medium  Maybe we could run the ad, excuse me?  Can I help you?
Douglasmugshoticon_medium  CITY BOY GOTS TO EAT!
Googlyeyesgardenericon_medium  YOW!
Kashicon_medium  NOOOOOOO!


Geckoicon_medium  Maybe we should just stick with the cavemen.
Dondrapericon_medium  Yeah, that's probably wise.