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Readers of BHGP, we need to talk.

HawkMania, the banner under which the QC Times' sterling Hawkeye coverage runs, has uncovered disturbing information about one of the captains for this week's game. We'll let Eric Page take care of this for us:

"Rob has these weird collections," McGrath said of his roommate and Week 1 co-captain. "He got into like Pez and those Beanie Babies, those Ty Beanie Babies. He’s a big collector. You go into his room at home, and he’s got all this stuff all over. He gets into all these phases. Right now, it’s Jordans."

Beanie Babies? Really?

Not exactly the kind of information a 290-pound offensive lineman wants out in the open as he’s coming into his own as a starter in the Big Ten.

Jesus God no.

Bruggeman attempts to bring the conversation back into the realm of the sane, but Page, forgetting whose goddamned side he's on! for one moment, won't let up:

No, Rob. Let’s do talk. How many of those adorable little stuffed Beanies are we talking?

"Lots," Bruggeman said. "I have three sisters. I was like 12 years old. Give me a break.

We would like to, sir, but Beanie Babies? Jesus, man. The only way for Bruggeman to redeem himself would be to go on camera and act out a skit with said Beanie Babies (he can just pick whatever ones are his favorites). That way, we wouldn't be able to complain, because our brains will have all exploded.

Last, in related news, Paki O'Meara is a big fan of those shitty Transformer knockoff Go-Bots, Tony Moeaki has 80% of the Snapple Fun Facts collection, and Brett Greenwood has pennies from every year from 1982-2008, plus a few from the 70s. Rad!