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What BHGP Means To... The Only Game That Matters

Remember when we were Official Fans of State of Game, then we had beef like that shit don't quit, then they changed their name like we weren't going to notice it was those same two buttclowns? Well, we're back to being frenemies, so let's get it.

So, Beauford Bixel, what does BHGP mean to you?

Writing a blog is like growing up.  When you start, you're not sure what the hell is going on, who exactly is feeding you, or how the hell you're going to maintain a semblance of regularity.  Basically, you're an infant just trying not to throw up on yourself.  You go into it with high expectations: "Hey, I'll be like Mgoblog and EDSBS!"  It doesn't work that way, however, because those two are fully functioning adult blogs capable of not shitting themselves on a regular basis. 

BHGP, on the other hand, has no need to grow up because they've perfected the art of shitting on themselves to a degree where anything else would be underwhelming.

Congrats on one year:  I still hate you guys from the bottom of my balls.

Thanks, Beauford! Here's a tip from everyone at BHGP: wear Depends. Also, don't you think Luvs and Huggies could dramatically increase sales just by creating some TV ads where people use them as party hats? I've always wanted to party with a child's diaper on my head. Or do they smell?

Err, this one got way out of hand.