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What BHGP Means To... Eleven Warriors

The Internet is a place for people of all ages to express themselves in total anonymity, breaking down the healthy inhibitions that a normal life in public would cultivate. For the already aggressively ignorant masses in Columbus, this is a horrifically bad thing. If Minnesota is the North Korea of the Big Ten and Michigan Russia, then Ohio State is undoubtedly the entire Middle East, deadset in their righteousness and virulently attacking their opposition into submission. Fortunately, they've even got their own Al-Jazeera; in this case, it's Eleven Warriors, or 11W. While they're obviously pro-OSU, they do so in a reasoned, informative fashion. In fact, we don't think they use the word "Meatchicken" at all, which is a proud step forward for Ohio State and college football as a whole. 11W founder Jason is a friend of the program here (commenter eleventy), and we're happy to have him swing by for a quick minute.

So, Jason, what does BHGP mean to you?

BHGP means we'll never make it to our peaceful deaths without seeing octogenarians fellating each other -- a goal we had all set early on in life.  They are also the only three guys around that think Mitch King is a 'classy guy' and 'wears cool clothes'.  Above that, they are further proof that, though your team may be terrible, your blog doesn't have to follow suit.  Congratulations gents.

Thanks Jason! We'd like to point out that the above paragraph came attached with the following instructions: "Feel free to chop/dice, whatever." Gladly!

So, "Jason," what does BHGP really mean do you?

we'll make peace seeing octogenarians fellating each other

Thanks, "Jason!" You've confirmed what Carl Monday knew all along: Ohio State fans are perverts. Stop having sex with yourself in public!