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What BHGP Means To... Black Shoe Diaries

Though the voting on Best Big 10 Blog
was brutally unfair and we have blogged this entire season under protest, we admire Black Shoe Diaries as a fellow brother of SBN and as a source of endless JoePa material. It's no surprise, given our disturbing preoccupation with the octogenarian coach, that Penn State fans routinely make their way over to BHGP. While founder "Mike" (shitty name) was obviously too busy and important to be bothered, fellow BDSM BSD writer Kevin HD was more than gracious enough to give a kind word.

So, Black Shoe Diaries, what does BHGP mean to you?

When I first heard about Black Pants Gold Heart and the good work they do, the site became a daily read.  All of us at BSD are encouraged to know that there are sorority girls out there, fighting the good fight.  Even though it's not really For The Kids, as philanthropists at Penn State demand, the world is a better place because of your shenanigans.

Also, we enjoy pictures of people wearing money on their heads.  TFJ's all around.

Thanks, Kevin HD! As you know, we put Whitney to death shortly thereafter, but her memory truly lives on.