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LTP Lakes His Own Post

Katie Couric: Are you sorry for criticizing BHGP?
Willie Wildcat: Meow.

In his first post after last week's trainwreck win over Iowa, Lake the Posts* took some time to discuss some fan ethics.  Specifically, he brought up the BHGP Point/Counterpoint discussion of the debacle, and cited BHGPhavior as an example of what not to do:

Oops called for "an insufferable week on LTP as we hear about the Cats "never giving up" or some other vague s@$%".  That was after opening with the knee-jerk sentiment of"it is impossible to acknowledge that Northwestern beating Iowa isn't a fluke" with this statement: "Northwestern is now the worst 5-0 team in college football history..."

The self-loathing post proceeed to drop lines throughout almost daring NU fans to even record this as a win - no, it was an Iowa loss. Period. Which is remarkable, because last I checked, an Iowa loss in a game with us results in a Northwestern win. "How triumphant to be given a win" was a great example of this. 

Yes, Iowa shot themselves in the foot with five turnovers, including two unforced (three if you count the Browne INT). But this type of emotional "you still suck" type of post is why I loathe the Hawkeyes.

LTP was reacting to this language from OPS's post-game rant, in particular:

Northwestern is now the worst 5-0 team in all of college football history after Iowa took a 17-3 lead late in the first half, then committed a series of unforced errors that allowed Northwestern to come back and win....

This will undoubtedly be an insufferable week on LTP as we hear about the Cats "never giving up" or some other vague shit. How triumphant to be given a win.

Horrible, horrible, terrible loss. The better team lost.

Of course, Laker is correct.  We could all use a little civility in our football-related discourse.  No matter what circumstances lead to an inexplicable home loss to a clearly inferior opponent, we should simply lick our wounds, tip our hat, and begrudgingly acknowledge that the better team won.  Right, LTP?


What was that about last year's Iowa win in Evanston?

The tide has turned. It is possible for NU to embarass itself by losing to Iowa. Much like the overzealous Hawkeye fans who mock us for thinking we even belong on the same field as their beloved bumblebees, NU has reached a point in the program where this loss is unacceptable....

Simple - CJ has more than 1 INT we lose, if not we win....

Crushing, devastating, humiliating loss.


Lake the Posts is nothing if not conciliatory.  After seeing the error of his ways, he offered an explanation for his clearly hypocritical post:

Kudos to Hawkeye State for calling me out on this hypocrisy as he linked to my eerily similar post in my knee-jerk emotional state in the wake of last year's game. However, my point is not that they sucked, it was that we sucked.

I see what he means.  That post from the day after last year's game wasn't saying that Iowa was bad.  No, he waited for THE NEXT DAY'S POST, once he had worked his way out of his "knee-jerk emotional state,"  to do that:

When you lose to a BAD Iowa team, there is nothing great. Nothing.

Sir, let me just say this: Glass houses, motherfucker.  Glass fucking houses.


* -- Of couse, it should go without saying that LTP is, was, and always will be a friend of the program, even if his chosen team sucks a bag of dicks.