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What BHGP Means To... Mountainlair

John Radcliff runs Mountainlair, which means if you're reading this at home on a couch, look next to you. It's already on fire. He's also a prolific writer on Fanhouse and sings some of his posts. Because why not, right?

So, Radcliff, what does BHGP mean to you?

Well, since you're fairly new to the blogosphere I need to let you know that we don't spank you for each year you've been around, we kick you in the balls. I'm starting on my fourth year and the Doc says I can pretty much give up any hope of being a father some day. I guess my only hope is that phone call from the sperm bank in Morgantown about twenty years from now. I'm just saying you might want to head down to the local SB and do your thing. Hey, they pay you for it!

I would be hard pressed to find a blog that has more impact on the blogosphere in their first year than you guys. From the JoPa Chronicles to J Reman Saves the World, you've ruined quite a few monitors at coffee time. And I expect that check in the mail any day now to replace my old monitor. Because there's a kick in the balls, and then there's a KICK IN THE BALLS!

From the royal "we" at the Mountainlair, we wish you a happy birthday and much continued success.

From the literal "we" at BHGP, we thank you.