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What BHGP Means To... The Daily Gopher

For as much as we don't care for the state of Minnesota, its colleges, or its residents, the UM program has two scintillatingly good bloggers in its fold. It was either Keats or En Vogue who said, "Free your mind/the rest will follow/Be colorblind/don't be so shallow." And while we won't open up our minds to accept the Northern Menace on its own terms, we will allow very limited communication from the Union's Pyongyang for the purposes of our celebration.

So, Daily Gopher, what does BHGP mean to you?

Two words... Lemon Party.

Sir, we believe you mean Leman Party, as we would never endorse a political candidate who doesn't love America enough to wear its signature hairstyle (mullet) and neckwear (American tie). And we really have no idea why you would associate an Alternative Affection website (all links SFW) with us. No idea.

In any event, thanks, Daily Gopher!