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Holy Lord, the Press-Citizen is Awful

The P-C just published an absolute farce of an article about Kirk Ferentz's press conference. A typical cross-section:

So what was going through Kirk Ferentz's mind when he named Ricky Stanzi the starting quarterback for Saturday's homecoming game against Northwestern?

He's not telling.

Of course not; he never does. Coaches never do. Not news. The more important a decision is, the less a coach will talk about it. Well, not until it's proven successful, then he'll be sure to go into all the detail your brain can handle before it dissolves in a smoking mess out of sheer boredom.

Then the article, published without a byline, only "The Press-Citizen," drops a stunner on the millions, if not trillions of Hawkeye fans worldwide [emphasis ours]:

On Stanzi, Ferentz simply said "I think he gives us our best shot this week."

The Hawkeyes will need a good shot against Northwestern, which has beaten Iowa three straight times.

No. they. fucking. haven't. This isn't a typo or an uncaught misstroke of a key, this is a factual error that anyone with even a cursory understanding of very recent Iowa football would be able to catch. Why not say Iowa's coach is Glen Mason, or that the Hawkeyes will be playing the Denver Broncos next week and that the game will be two-hand-touch football? How do you fuck up that badly? Oh yeah...

Just a hunch.