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Remember this iconic photo from last year's game?

Of course you do. Remember trying to figure out how in the hell that could actually happen and only hurting your brain instead? Yes, again, of course.

Fortunately, we at Black Heart Gold Lab Coat (a subsidiary of BHGP Conglomocorp) have used science! to figure it out, and trust us, the results are astonishing. Ladies and gentlemen...

...Casey McMillan threw him back in time.

We have uncovered conclusive evidence of this most heinous act below. Please, if there are children in the room, cover their eyes; going Beyond Photoshop is not for the squeamish.


As for this year's game, things don't bode well for Northwestern. MacMillan tossed a man through the fabric of the space-time continuum, and he's not even playing this year. So next season, when his redshirt is lifted, God only knows what he'll get his hands on. Put it like this, if a school bus filled with lava appears out of nowhere and falls on CJ Bacher this weekend, don't be surprised.