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Wha Happened? Week Four

Let's start right out: Hey, wha happened?


Penn State 45 - Temple 3

Make no mistake about it: Penn State is the class of the conference.  Sure, it was a win against Bill Cosby University, but it was another blowout for a team that hasn't been this expolsive on offense since their 11-win 2005 campaign.  Penn State has beaten four cupcakes by an average of 53-10 and gone for 283 rushing yards per game.  Their schedule is possibly the toughest in the conference; they go on the road against Wisconsin and Ohio State.  However, based solely on games played to date, there is no one finer.

This game certainly exhibited a few warning signs for PSU: Five fumbles (though only one was lost), a 3-for-11 third down conversion ratio, and a mere 243 yards passing on 30 attempts.  You can't discount 300+ yards rushing, though (especially Stephon Greene, who racked up 132 yards on just 9 carries), and the defense was typically stout.  PSU gets Illinois at home next week.

Michigan State 23 - Notre Dame 7

There's always something little brother does better than big brother.  No different is Michigan State; it runs the ball much better than Michigan.  Javon Ringer did it again, going for 201 yards on 39 carries.  On the other side, Notre Dame managed only 16 yards on the ground (47 yards if you take out four sacks), and two Jimmy Claussen interceptions finished them off.

It's not to say MSU is a juggernaut.  Brian Hoyer struggled, going only 12/26 for 143.  If he doesn't improve significantly, Javon Ringer will break down by mid-October.  That's not even mentioning that the defense gave up 242 yards through the air (but only 5.5 per attempt).  Michigan State is susceptible, but that doesn't disqualify them as a Big Ten dark horse.


Ohio State 28 - Troy 10

The Pryorpocalypse is upon us.  The line from Terrelle Pryor's first start: 10/16 for 139 and four touchdowns passing, 14 carries for 66 yards rushing.  Yeah, he's pretty good.

However, there are problems at OSU.  Maybe it was hangover from the curbstomping they took in the Colosseum, but Ohio State was sluggish on defense (Troy completed 30 of 43 for 218, and they're Troy), and it's abundantly clear that Daniel Herron isn't a replacement for Beanie Wells.  Without Wells, Ohio State is an also-ran.

Purdue 32 - Central Michigan 25

It was unquestionably the wildest finish of the day.  Purdue led 24-17 with 5:00 to play, when Dan LeFevour took over.  He completed three consecutive passes and ran three times for 18 yards and the would-be tying score, then completed the two-point conversion.  With 1:18 to play, Purdue got a facemask-aided return to the Central Michigan 46, where Kory Sheets broke the first play for the go-ahead touchdown.  A late LeFevour interception iced it.

LeFevour finished with 291 yards passing and another 112 rushing, as Central Michigan outgained Purdue by nearly 100 yards.  Painter had a good day (27/36 for 261), but Purdue's rushing game was shut down (well, at least for 58 1/2 minutes).  I still don't think Purdue is particularly good; that loss to Oregon was made worse by the Ducks' performance against Boise State yesterday.  Still, this was a solid win against the class of the MAC.


Minnesota 37 - Florida Atlantic 3

Do we have to start worrying about Minnesota?  Up until this week, they were the most unimpressive sort of 3-0, but Florida Atlantic isn't a terrible team, and Minnesota beat them worse than Michigan State did last week (under significantly better weather conditions, it must be said).  Adam Weber was particularly impressive, completing 19 of 24 for 235 yards.  Minnesota's defense forced 4 FAU interceptions.  That certainly helps.

Ball State 42 - Indiana 20


Northwestern 16 - Ohio 8

Northwestern's offense sputtered to a halt.  Against Ohio.  C.J. Bacher, who Northwestern fans think should be up for the Heisman Trophy, threw for just 133 yards on 36 attempts and tossed 4 picks.  Against Ohio.  Bobcats quarterback Boo Jackson (insert obvious joke here) threw for 228 and a touchdown.

Oh, and Tyrell Sutton was injured.

I'm looking forward to next week.


(Photo credits, in order: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, AP Photo/Paul Battaglia)